Meet the faces behind the CH name!!!



Colm Higgins (Owner)


CH originally started out with a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a Quality Engineer for a local Aerospace Company. But having a keen interest in cars from his youth, he knew mechanicing was were his true passsion lay! Re-training, honing his skills night after night in the workshop and attending every training course going the true nerd came out and he followed his dream of opening his own Garage. 


Nearly 15 years down the line and with a team of AwesomeTechnicans the Garage has became a German Vehicle Specialist. Offering a service to rival the main dealerships and provide a comprehensive package to meet his customer needs fully. In 2016 CH invested in 3 Genuine Dealer Diagnostic Interfaces for the Mercedes Benz, BMW and VAG Brands. Having full access to wiring diagrams, module programming, softwares updates and indepth testing processes he can fully meet the needs of all customers vehicle requirements in house. In 2019 adding JLR Jaguar Landrover to the diagnsotic arsenal. Colm never stops working or thinking about work, always looking into how to do things better for his customers and constantly training to keep up with the ever changing and advancing vehicle technologies. 






Carly Higgins (Office/ Accounts Manager)


Carly is the long suffering wife and childhood sweetheart of the boss CH. She originally started out with a BEng (Hons) in Design Engineering and worked as a Design Engineer, but as the family grew and the business got bigger she joined the team in 2011. Carly is front of house she takes charge of the phones, customer enquiries and bookings and general workshop managing duties. With thorough in house training there's not much she doesn't know about cars! CH & Carly are well known for going off on long conversations regarding diagnostic testing and modern vehilce technologies, the inhouse joke to strangers is that they speak a different language! She is our customers first point of contact and the face at the front of our social media campaigns, if you ever have a problem or enquiry she is the one to sort it out. Carly takes pride in getting to know her customers and providing an excellent customer experiance with every appointment. 


Carly & Colm work full time at the family business as well as raising 4 children & Pepper the dog.