At C.H. Autoservices we aim to provide dealer level quality and servicing at a convenient location, without the dealer price tag!
Operating Mercedes Benz, BMW and VW/Audi Group Dealer Level Software. We carry out all servicing to high standards, using OE Manufacturer approved parts. Digital Service Histories are updated with the necessary vehicle manufacturers ensuring warranties are maintained for Rangerover, Mercedes, BMW and VAG vehicles.
Vehicles for our local car dealerships can be sold with full vehicle service histories increasing resale value.
Latest Software Updates Carried Out
Vehicle Recalls Notified

Gearbox Servicing Intervals have been reduced in recent years by BMW and Mercedes Vehicle Manufacturers to 35000m service intervals. Using the correct quality oils and filters ensures hassle free driving, low levels of contamination in the boxes, smooth solenoid gear changes and less thumping between gear to gear

Air Conditioning Servicing and leak detection carried out.

Have your air conditioning taken care of by Technicians that full understand the system it operates. Servicing available for old and new gas. R1234yf and R134a