At C.H. Autoservices we aim to provide dealer level quality and servicing at a convenient location, without the dealer price tag!
Operating Mercedes Benz, BMW and VW/Audi Group Dealer Level Software. We carry out all servicing to high standards, using OE Manufacturer approved parts. Digital Service Histories are updated with the necessary vehicle manufacturers ensuring warranties are maintained.
Vehicles for our local car dealerships can be sold with full vehicle service histories increasing resale value.
Latest Software Updates Carried Out
Vehicle Recalls Notified

Gearbox Servicing Intervals have been reduced in recent years by BMW and Mercedes Vehicle Manufacturers to 35000m service intervals. Using the correct quality oils and filters ensures hassle free driving, low levels of contamination in the boxes, smooth solenoid gear changes and less thumping between gear to gear

Audi A4 in for Service and Inspection. As part of our standard procedure the vehicle gets a full inspection whilst on the lift. A warning for bulb failure to the rear is a common fault in the Audi range this is due to water ingress and corrosion! A new part and replacement wiring loom was ordered and wired into place to correct this problem of failed lights and an annoying 'beeping' on the dash!!

A beauty of a mk VII Golf in for servicing this week. As the technologies in vehicles increase it becomes more and more important to recognise that a 'service' isn't just a quick change of oil. There are numerous systems that continually monitor the vehicle and constantly make adaptations to suit the running conditions based on these monitored inputs. The case of a 'service button reset' does not involve the reset of various other data records including oil quality, soot levels, air quality. These all need to be checked and reset to coincide with proper full servicing, to help maintain the life of the vehicle

Mercedes S-Class under full diagnostic investigation for an intermttent ABS/ASC Fault

Rangerover with excessive smoke issue in for repair- boost fault identified threw various testing channels not just diagnostics. Fault Repaired, exhaust pipes clean, happy customer!